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Bone X4 Lyrics
Feat. Swateezy

[Verse 1 - Swateezy]
Now I be rollin that fire, takin me higher
Got a bitch singing like she was Mariah
She like my style, coolin with Creez
She tryed to deny it then she hit her knees
*the royal penis is clean*
That's king shit, my money tall Yao Ming shit
I make it rain that's spring shit, I need brain so think bitch
She chokin like Romo, do it in slow mo
I fuck her you cuff her like you were the popo
Oh that's a no no, I like em cocoa
Burning one solo now my eyes are so low
Rollin, smokin, blowin out, I was low key now I'm showin out
What Nuff Said, Pink Slip is all about
That's real boy, my green leave you blue that's teal boy
I'm eating greedy you a meal boy, have your face lookin like Seal boy
This banana clip gonn peel boy, have you cryin like, I'm a real boy
But you ain't bout that life so chill boy, keep it real boy
Foreally tho we finna run this city
When I take off the whole crew comin with me
Yeah my lines kill, that's RIP Whitney
And if you don't think we up next, then you silly

[Chorus - Supreme]
I'm stacking a milly being gritty in my city
I only got the realest of the realest fucking with me
And I make these bitches moan
When they gone and let me bone bone bone
But it aint no fucking with the team
We keep that chrome chrome chrome
I stack a milly being gritty in my city
I only got the realest of the realest fucking with me
And I make these bitches moan
When they gone and let me bone bone bone
But it aint no fucking with the team
We keep that chrome chrome chrome

[Verse 2 - Supreme of 1st]
Cool nigga shit
Who better than me no benefit
Of the doubt don't be so timid naive
I don't believe yo innocence
I'm balling and be so niggerish
On my Master P no limit shit
Ima do it in ya face enough to make a nigga say
Got damn stop being such a prick
On my cocky shit you can knock me shit
That's why the ladies love me
Better watch me instead of copying
Or it's gone get really ugly
When you see me with these models popping bottles
Flowing Bubbly
Just know it's rough in the game and it might be the same
As playing rugby
You can blame it on pink slip or the crew that I came with
Or you can blame it on me
Cause the way that I make hits I bet I cover all my basis
And when your tank is on E
I'm headed to the races they checking out my Gucci laces
And now you niggas gone see
When I came in the game I passed on getting dames
Cause my mind frame stayed on g's
Then I got cheese now I switch lane to lane
Because my wide frame sitting on D's
D's spinning like a whirlwind and now your girlfriend
She wanna feel my breeze
It was a breeze and you can't believe
The hate haters now wanna come place on me
But I really don't give a and I know you know just what I mean


[Verse 3 - JClay of 1st]
I think I just get an adrenaline rush
When her body does that sweet roll sweet roll, she got them cinnamon buns
She know she cold, kind of like little ton, Colorado her body on auto, she move like I did from Chicago
Down south, she bobble she proly need goggles now Google that booty just playing she put voodoo on who me,
I get goo goo like goonie
I'm so delirious, she stimulates various. areas
Areaaa-olas on my shoulder
Tig bitty massage, my fruit roll up, rolled down
Hold up
Felaysh in the relaysh
Mo love
Boat, gloat, note
To self, u did good fool
I could sholl go for some cooked food
Back to her, I could sholl go for some cooked food
Good luck dude, she said
She scared, to move
Cuz I put it on her, like a donut
It went straight to her hips, u now what?
This is straight from the Slip and we so what?
So everything
So cold, so hot, so thowed, so caught, in this lyric game
They hate and just play wit the mirror man
My style can't be copied
We top floor you just lobby
We pull tricks, u just Dobby
Man I'm the ish, and I obviously



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