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Don't Like Me Lyrics
[Intro - Supreme]
Yeah man.
This nigga or these niggas is watchin.
Talkin bout I did it for fame hoe ass nigga
You know who I'm talkin to

[Chorus - Supreme]
So you really don't like me
So you really don't like me huh
And you really wanna fight me
Do you really wanna fight me son
I ain't really wit the beef
Even though I'm tryin to eat
And you can't have none
So I kick back and chill
Just show you how I live
Now haters tell me ain't that fun

[Verse 1 - Supreme]
Hell yea I'm gone hold a lot of animus
To you niggas trying to judge like a panelist
Wanna break a niggas down like analyst
And of my haters your my number one candidate
So I vote you niggas off the island
I pray to god cause I don't wanna be violent
Why you mad my nigga because I'm styling
And now I'm dogging you haters but I aint growling woof.
Horsin around get hit with a hoof
Smart ass niggas get hit with a book
Bad lil boys get hit with that look
When you playing with a king don't shift like a rook
I do what I did cause I can
And stopped it because of the families demand.
Here what I'm saying
So since I did it for the fame
Just know I'll doing it again.


[Verse 2 - JClay]
Wait wait wait wait, what's that?
Man you niggas aint nothin
You already stole what you wanted so clearly,
You niggas aint talkin bout money
Man I hate jclay
Well I'm right here dude
A nigga ain't talkin bout runnin
Your problems can be solved on that roof
But you niggas aint talkin bout jumpin
So watch me get like a baseball player
Cuz I spit like a baseball player
I hit like a baseball player
Nigga I rich like a baseball player, yeah
Well it's gettin there
It's not a doubt in my mind, that you sittin there
Watchin my grind from yo kitchen chair
Lookin all side eyed like a chicken scared
Ba caw
Drinkin bacardi
Blame it on the alcohol, naw blame it on baldy
Sure your demise is proly my fault, MY FAULT
That you get disrespected like a cop cart
Nigga this 1st like a ardvark
Yall can all just kiss my dark spot,
One tone



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