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Everythang On Me Lyrics
1st - Everythang On Me

[JClay - Chorus]
Don't stop, get it get it
Roll it to the wheels fall
Walk it like we talk it real talk
Everythang on me
U know we got the plan that'll withstand
If it don't, understand man, everythang on me
I ain't never scared, cuz if it go down I got the know how to thow down, yeah
Everythang on me
But when we get rich so ridic, toast a sip, don't trip, know this, that everythang on me.

[JClay - Verse 1]
Somebody gotta lead the lamb
Show em you don't need food just to feed the fam
At times you gotta play the boy just to be the man
I never changed who I was but who I am
This ain't no gimmick
I know my capabilities, I set my own self image
And honestly, I done surpassed my past limits
I guess they just imaginary barriers
To carry us to areas
We couldn't imagine
I'm lookin to add friends
Forgot that no new new
Cuz my force equals mass and
It's a celebration
Of my mind's elevation
And what you get when you
Got faith and practice patience
But some won't get that
Til they grow up
You know the deal
And some won't grow up til they show up
They claim they I'll
But yet and still
I can't sit still
Til I instill
What's neglected
That's intelligence
Education's irrelevant, hold up


[Supreme - Verse 2]
I made the choice to be relentless
Lord grant me your forgiveness
I'm working out my kinks trying to get to total fitness
Overcoming obstacles I'm on the devils hitlist
The way my mind works my boys think that I'm a misfit
But the bottom line and what I got in mind
Is shoot the right shit off no columbine
And if your mad that my method equals dollar signs
I guess your sour grapes will end up being my bottled wine.
Man I ain't even supposed to be here
Same story as every nigga in the hood and I'ma be real.
I made the choice to be chill
And I didn't go with that saying kill or you'll be killed
I had to think I had to swim or I would sink I had my eyes wide open and couldn't blink
So it was on me and I made it my past didn't hold me back all excuses is overrated



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