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Get On Your Knees (feat. G-Unit) Lyrics
(50 cent)
yo whoo kid man
drop this shit man
hurry up man i gotta go
aah yeah
50 cent- g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g-unit haha

baby if you get on your knees,
put me in your mouth and suck me off
you know i got you
(come on baby, just kiss it for me)
(just put it in your mouth)

(50 cent)
she was hesitant at first
said she never did it before
as soon as i got it going
she was going like a pro
she went up and down
like a merry go round
and.. round and round
she was freaky freaky
when you get her in the bed
you need.. g's like me to get her to give you head
my con-ver-sation is stim-u-lating
she in room 10-19 in the Hilt' and waiting
she got a thing for ballas
i mean a thing for balls
and i had turned her ass out
so im the one she calls
on the cheek she kiss me and she tell me she miss me
bein' 'round me got her used to drinkin don and cristy
i'ma special nigga
look i'm used to blindin'
keep that benz so clean and those three wheels shinin

(Chorus X3)

(can't be serious 4 in da mornin)
(Lloyd Banks)
right in da mornin i rolled over
guess who was over my shoulder
a pretty round, round (round)
who just got finished goin downtown
but at night wit no lights
i have you wonderin
if its a lightin bug in your mouf
or a glow-in-da-dark tongue ring
banks needa ghetto chick
set a nigga up wit ass
sneak around till he fall asleep
diggin in his stash
leave wit everythin
rob a benz, stacks and da grass
ass so fat, she get handclaps when she pass
i ain't never had a girl but you can be my bottom bitch
i'd been around da world
we don't hit no kinda chicks
range rover, neva sober, hennessey, vanilla soda
B-A-N-K dolla' south bitch
i ain't here hopin that your baby daddy ova da shoulder
Banks don't associate wit no TRICKS
i'ma make it a G-Unit party
from the hotel lobby
and if you ain't tryin to freak off
then go home BITCH


(Young Buck)
you know what i came to do
let you put your lips on my dick
but don't tell nobody
you my mistress bitch
all your friends keep tellin you what to do
when you get me
got to eat the nuts first
like a hershey kisses
bitch show me you miss me
like i'm Pac or Biggie
she can be small as Eve
or even big as Missy
I like it when them dykes
indulge in group sex
suck off banks & 50 & be like "you next"
Get your ass SUPLEXED
tellin me to go down
I'm a P-I-M-P bitch
i bet you know now
baby girl slow down
you make a nigga cum quick
when you closed your eyes
and make your tongue
do a twist
you my 3 o'clock, lolipop
kiss the last drop bitch
walk around naked hoe
i met your ass topless
she finally found out
what young buck is 'bout
so give a nigga from the south
some of that mouth


(come on girl, you know i got you)
alright then you playas
that down on the dial right now
we gone to give ya
some real good game dog
official dog, magic wand & whoo kid
we gon to do something ya know we gonna to do
we gon' to soda-pop
ya know wat i'm talkin bout if ya in tha game
so get ya soda poppin ready
cuz we gon' soda-pop round here


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