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Grew Up Lyrics
Ohhhh! Ahhh!

Verse 1:
So what i grew up with them niggaz
I aint stuck wit them niggaz
We from the same hood
But i don't fuck wit them niggaz
If shit pop off
I touch one of them niggaz
Cut one of them niggaz
Poke one of them niggaz
Beg For Mercy number 4
"I'm so Hood"
First LP 10 million sold im so good
I thought niggaz would love to see me shine
But it's makin them sick
To see me gettin mines
Got that Benz, got that Bentley and the new Bugatti
Got the Range after partin wit the new Ferrari
If it's makin you sick
To see me blow im sorry
Dude we used to be cool
But i aint stuck wit you nigga
I grew up wit you nigga
But i don't fuck wit you nigga
Got shot in the back
Den turned around and got shot in the eye
Labels Tupac lay down and die
There's a message in my music can you hear it God?
The mans never gonna blow
Another reason why
This disease infested
When i spit it any nigga can get it
Punks frontin' in they rhymes
That ass'll be flatlined
"can't we all just get along we used to be friends?"
Nah, fuck that man
We used to pretend
These niggaz is comedians
I thought i was tight funny
5 called tellin "niggaz mugged me"
Bet on my new surreal shit
Would you bail a nigga out son
If you niggaz knew he was tryin to kill you
And wouldn't let you hold a gun?
Think about it
Haha ha!

Aw man,
Im havin too much fun with this rap shit man
I love this shit man


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