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Psycho Lyrics
Man, these are average raps, I'm keeping the savage batch hidden
A can of whup-ass with the Shady-Aftermath lid
You pop off the top, it's like opening vats of acid
Beat the Octo-Mom to death with a Cabbage Patch Kid
Attack her snatch
Yeah there's something to jack a batch in
Impregnate her then shoot up her embryo sack with mac 10's
Triplets, quadruplets and a couple of back to back twins
Their fetus is fallin out all over
Jack is back again
The ripper is at your service
Girl I can see that you're nervous but weve barley scratched the surface
Like my last batch of girlfriends that I buried in my fuckin backyard
Still trying to dig their way out
I form like an attack dog
How late you wanna stay out?
It's past your curfew and it's dark
I'm searching for you in the park
Shady murdered him another virgin
He just hit his mark
He met his quota for the month
They found her coat all rolled up inside a bag he probably dragged her body for about a block
She disappeared without a trace
No dna, no not a drop
It me and dre and fifty and we will never get caught by the cops
See us how they hate us but they gotta give a lot of props
And drama pops grab the butcher knife from off the counter tops

I'm as I'll as can be
My serial kill is what a pill is to me
Killins so villians so
Still it's manyical on the niquil
And psycho as Michael Myers
You know what were like on the motha fuckin mic so try us
And you're gonna find out what the fuck were like with plyers

Chris Reeves in his grave
Yeah homie turn turn
I'm debating, mutilating, the lady
Youve been waiting for shady and fif
They no duplicating it baby
There's a baby in the dryer
There's a torso in the wash
I think it might even belong to porsha when I tossed her
Arms & legs in the garbage cause the rest of her I lost her
Her head is in the disposal with jessica I squashed er
Put her through the ringer and hang her over the wash tub


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