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 1. Pink
 2. Weezer
 3. Faith Hill
 4. Gustavo Cerati
 5. Adele
 6. Future
 7. Lil Wayne
 8. The Cast Of Cheers
 9. Johnny Cash
 10. Miyavi
 1. 21 by Adele
 2. Amor Amarillo by Gustavo Cerati
 3. Take Care by Drake
 4. No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls by Simple Plan
 5. The Fox by Elton John
 6. Making Mirrors by Gotye
 7. The Vow OST by The National
 8. It's by Teen Top
 9. The Band Perry by The Band Perry
 10. Progress by Ultraspank
 1. Lisa by Gustavo Cerati
 2. I'm Just A Kid by Simple Plan
 3. Please Don't Leave Me by Pink
 4. Who Knew by Pink
 5. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye
 6. Story Of A Free Man - Chapter Three: Serenity by Verse
 7. Mona Lisa by All American Rejects
 8. You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss
 9. Lisa by Burt Bacharach
 10. Carla-Etude by Elton John
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Dont Send Me Back
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Homeward Bound
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I Dont Mind
I'm Never Falling In Love With You
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Intergalactic Order Of Judges
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Its Me
Its Up To You
Just A Song
Kebab Shops
Keep On Smiling
King Of The World
Kitchen Sink
Known Each Other
Laying It On The Lines
Leave Your Mark
Like Attracts Like
Long Gone
Losing You Again
Lost In Space
Lost Soul
Love Boat
Love Mist
Love Triangle
Match Maker
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More To The World Than Your World
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New Horizon
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Numb Spaceman
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On The Origin Of Mankind
One Day
One In A Million
One Person To Care
Only You And Me
Orange Tanned Townie
Other People
Our Song
Out There Is The Truth
Over The Bar
Possessed By A Landlady Called Jackie
Post Apocalyptic Exorcist
Reaper Man
Right Again
Same Old Daydream
Saving Robert Johnson
See Jesus
Set Up Sit Down
Seven And A Half Foot Angels
Shake The Faith
Shot Glass
Show You Heaven
Sleeping With The Fishes
Someone Is Having A Day
Something Inside You So Strong
Something To Lose
Soul Mate
Soul Placer
Star Dreamer
Stop Playing Games With My Heart
Suicide Jeans
Sunburnt Rainbow
Take The Flak
Take Time To Make Time
Telepathic Nordic Lover
Tell Love
Ten A Penny
The Beautiful Game
The Curse Of Old Rafferty
The Edge Of Time
The Golden Days
The Guard
The Little Things
The Next Thing You Know Youre Dead
The Operation
The Other Side
The Other Side Of Town
The Realms Of Ghosts And Animals Heavens And Hells
The Revolt
The Sound Of Me Loving You
The Sun It Sets On You
The Suns Still High
The Town Bike
The Valley Of Death
The Working Man
There Are Those Of Us Who Fall In Love
There's Always Someone Smiling On You
Theres Always Another Song
Theres The Girl That Broke My Heart
This Kiss Is Bliss
Throw A Stone
Time To Die
To Be Holy Is The Only Way
To Be Truly You
Too Many Different Lives
Two Ghosts
Unlucky Dog
Visions Of My Ascention
Waiting For You
Wake Up With You
Walking Bones
Warrior Caste
We Got GOD
What One Man Can Do Another Man Can Do
Whats It All About
When Jesus Met The Devil
When You Come Back Round
When You Love Someone You Love Someone
Where You Belong
Whisper In Your Heart
White And Black
You Are The Best Thing In My Life
You Broke My Heart
You Got To Believe In Something
You Know Me
You Know Now
You Make Me Feel Like I'm The One
Your Golden Soul
Your Soul My Soul

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