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Laboratory Trouble Lyrics
I be in the lab mixing
I be in the lab mixing
Goddamit motherfuckers i be in the lab mixing
Making new potions for these rappers tripping
Fucking em over making videos like a vixen
I kill em all dead, like the queen said
They wondered off into my land, off with they heads
Two bouncers by myside, big one name fred
Bad bitch in v.i.p lipstick color red
Samsung galaxy ringing off the hook
Club promoters freaking out, hell they want me booked
Extraterestrial from another planet
Everything that i write, niggaz fucking brand it
Im the newest rapper, i got my fans choking
Networking watch me, dex lab explosion
These niggaz cartoons, i pop em like balloons
Serve em up like cocktails in big bad saloons
Yea a nigga rapping, watch yall came for
Blocking haters, like a fucking garage door
Fly on all these bitches, i got wings soar
They choose me because yall rhymes are fucking bore
Scarface on em, versace shoes in my trunk
Getting drunk, niggaz riding my dick like a punk
Get up off me, um lil jon get em crunk
Feel the thump of the bass when my album jump
Im in the lab and im mixing chemical ex
Side effects is a record deadl and a check
Im lined up, whats the deal yo cause im next
Lyric game going bonkers, rap so complex
See yall the now,keep it real boss you aint super
In a minute, yall the fucking past, im the future
This a new age, yep a new day
Im a genius other rappers lightyears away

I got they minds gone, they fucked up bout me
Dare a hater run up, dare a bitch try me
Niggaz fascinated questioning why me
Im the hottest topic, hands up just fly me
Laboratory vials, this place done exploded
Many flavors of my music like potatoes loaded
Yall can down me now, but the critics voted
I kill these rappers dreams buried em, and then they floated
Yall to the edge, stop before yall fall
Im a big fire get down on all four crawl
Day ones by my side, yeah we bout to ball
Lenox mall, flying overseas, tajmahal, niggaz


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