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Boot Camp Lyrics
okay, okay, okay okay okay
everybody get in line cause im your seargeant
no need to get mad cause im your target
yo mama got tired of you rapping in those bands
so she sent you here, left you in my hands
now drop down give me five, cause yall names aint alive
yall career just like divers, bout to take a nose dive
when i spit, yo it blasts, just like a pistol
dropping tracks blowing these niggaz away just like a whistle
im the baddest in polk county and i live up the title
keepin it real, cause i just dont see another rival
its a no like simon says from american idol
so sit yall ass down and stop trying to be my idol
i make these niggaz dance like they in balet
better yet in high school, at a pep rally
got ambition for this shit, like ya nigga wale
yall careers about to leave you better get down and pray
all bars stay different, never the same
bringing heat in this game like major payne
and i dont give a damn about your groups, or who in cahoops
when i come through dropping lines these niggaz getting the boot
got producers trying to find me cause they heard i go hard
like these labels lined up like its stomp the yard
everywhere i go niggaz treating me like a champ
got mo girls in my crib than a cheerleader camp
got these drinks on deck, madallions around my neck
why these niggaz on these silly games, i be about my check
chicks used to diss, now they offer the world
when i start making millions its no holla back girl
now gone on take em off i know yo headphones on fire
spit it so hard make yo conience level higher
and i write my own stuff i dont need a writer
cause my hand on the pad is like firecracker


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