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Can U Hear Me Now Lyrics
I've been rapping so long but nobody could hear me
Voice distorted, no studio owned, had my head in frenzy
But I never gave up just recorded my tracks faster
Cause by the time I gave yall quality yall knew I was the master

I go hard yes I go hard think I should hire a body guard
Not because I'm getting famous I already am you stupid retards
Pretty soon big old mansions waterfalls in backyards
Tourist visiting me, taking pictures, sending postcards
I know the game is filled with rappers so the pawns are out to get me
Watch em make a move, diss, and still no they can't hit me
I produce my own lyrics, pictures and videos,
I gotta slow it down hit ya with my cons and pros

Yall niggaz need to take heed, better yet take note
Watch me kidnap yall fanz, lyrics, ducktape and rope
Nevermind it's pretty day catch me out on speed boats
Love to throw it in yall faces intimidation yall choke

I just love the way I bounce back like a battleship in war
Why yall niggaz keep a tally I prefer just keeping four
I move so fast when I do work um like a sewing machine
I think it's time to stitch yall up cause yall not what yall all seam

Yall some stupid niggaz
Yall some yall some stupid niggaz
Yall some stupid niggaz
Yall some yall some stupid niggaz
Yall some stupid niggaz
Yall some yall some stupid niggaz
Yall some stupid niggaz
Yall some yall some stupid niggaz

"I'm bout to kill ya"

Okay so now um a mortician cause I'm deading all these rappers
Putting they lyrics 6 feet under like o.j. simpson when he stab her
So yall wanna drop bars all yall lyrics going in caskets
"that's all folks" yall niggaz jokes bugs bunny in baskets
Yall swagger laid out to rest like montel jordan retiring
Might as well fire yourselves and the rap game aint hiring
My ears gotta take a break cause yall lyrics so tiring
When I drop bars it's crazy like this yes loose wirING
Think I do it over over and over again
Like dejavu playing in yo head heres comes the beginning
Yall don't have to compete cause I'm already winning
Drop a track, grabbing stacks, uh huh yall careers ending



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