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Highway To Fame Lyrics
i gotta blow my horn cause these niggaz in my lane
trying to slow me down cause im on the highway to fame
got more viewers than vh1 love and hip hop and love games
taking fashion to another level glasses with no frames
yo i stay gassed up for these motor mouths
rumors now these niggaz can rap that live in down south
haters entering my lane but im taking new routes
pushing the petal to the metal like my feet got gout
its like every avias song niggas like "be forreal"
"how this nigga just so fye and dont even have a deal"
"thats like being innocent, yo without an appeal"
"like being bill gates, and denied a meal/mill$
i tell em please dont worry bout me cause i got it on lock
the truth always come to the light like time on a clock
looking out my rear view mirror somebody throwing a rock
bet they action change when i go and grab this glock
all these niggaz are falonius but i am the truth
i get it free these niggaz paying they way like a toll booth
bars so sweet um hitting home runs like babe ruth
driving fast like i need to remove a rotton tooth
and only time im slowing down is for these rappers funeral
name on these checks with a decimal numeral
and they automatically adore my precious gift
fans know real talent the rest of yall stick shifts
all they got to do is tell the dj's gone and drop it
everybody in these citys rushing out to cop it
these rappers drunk im a designated driver stop it
in the catalogs at the truck stops market
they always trying to keep tabs on me but they to late
da rap nemesis in bold text on my license plate
and yes i got it honest yo its all in my trait
i got to make it to hollywood cause it is my fate


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