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The Rich & Poor Lyrics
avias seay 2012 The Rich & Poor


my mother was a single parent so i was born into these streets
hustling hard for the paper, hustling hard just to eat
life always at a stand still everyday is just repeat
20 dollars worth in bags printed on the grocery receipt
and so late nights i creep into they shed because im a loaner
if i dont steal they lawn equipment then im gone be a goner
stomach touching my back feel like im gonna die from this hunger
hope my lottery tickets a winner, this just cant be any longer
sunrise my niggas hit me up told me to go meet my boy
all seven of us grew up in the same neighborhood soil
we always play a couple card games but we dont play with toys
hard, bout dat life niggaz like a scene from baby boy
through the years been a couple shoot outs like boys from the hood
couple tina relationships cause that nigga was no good
used to stand in dark hallways at the age of three
and watch my momma take blows from a man that was so mean
sneakers on telephone wires, marijuana take you higher
22's on the lac, and watch the snitches cause they liars
ma bout to hit the candy lady because she spiked our scrapers
at night my deepest dreams is moving up to something greater

chorus: (4x's)
its a thin line between poverty and wealth
go rights the road to riches
go lefts the road to death

parents been together, all of my life
got everything, no matter what price
might be dark on your end but over here is light
always had it good, no need to fight
and so thats why im laying out on the deck in costa rica
because my father owns a law firm and my mothers a sweeper
was left a large lump sum from the lady to whom she was keeper
dont want to sound too boastful but i got to go in deeper
im in this bmw about to go to harvard college
some might call me too stuck up, others call me garbage
ego so high it stanks just like donald trump just farted
and if yo bank account aint full then you shall be departing
from fancy cocktails,wealthy gatherings with the high and known
so much money talking thousands that will have your head blown
everyday dinner conversations on what you own
even tho im happy sometimes wish the money was gone

chorus: (4x's)
its a thin line between poverty and wealth
go rights the road to riches
go lefts the road to death


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