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Creative One Lyrics
weakened flesh
greedy gambling
teleporting newsreporter
so you famous can we take your order
land is wet oceans dry
youre a failure never try

yo i can plant one million pictures in your mind
cause who say you need vision if you blind
how you call yourself a failure if you trying
how you call it the truth when you know they lying
im reaching high for my goals like atronauts
blocking out all the haters and envious plots
im dropping lyrics like a helicopter dropping out bombs
making music for the kiddies and the moms
when i step out on the scene cat got ya tongues
more quiet than that cat in my phone talking tom
i think its time to mix the vodka with the rum
what flavor you desire peach one or the plumb
i think its time to let the lion inside of me come out
devour a couple souls victory is what im about
on the path to victory, cause it is my route
and all you other flukes, boots, better watch the hell out
im the im the im the creative one
i let my imagination roam wild just for fun
for example place a lightbulb next to sun
i get to blasting out, ideas faster than guns
they need to make like forest and run just run
rappers reach for the trophys but i already won
think i drop a track earlier mon than sun
nevermind no need to worry cause music got tons
im the only rapper in lakeland you can say made it
number one lyrcist number one thats just hated
i get all the glory so the rest of you faded
matter fact yall aint real so the rest of you plated
dogtag, chuck tees, timberlands, and earrings
yeah some of yall rap yep some of yall sang
i dont have to test my talent cause its something i do
aint waiting for promoters i can drop my own too
dont hang with the lames, friends chill with two
im getting all the applause, while the rest of you boos
need to wake the hell up, alarm clocks hitting snooze
this the number one reason why the rest of you lose
thats enough i dont have time for the occult
niggaz need to grow up need to just be adults
im sitting higher than jack and beanstalk on stilts
lavish luxury hotels versace logo on quilts
make sure when you stroll through my hood that you know me
they'll put you off the map like ludacris with his froey
yall know i get the 101 better go watch zoey
darapnemesis number contender bro see
cause i am the creative one (they know this, know this)
cause i am the creative one (they know this, know this)
cause i am the creative one (they know this, know this)
they better run, better run, better run for the hills
gross enough income to sit down lay back and chill
i just gotta keep it hundred, keep it so real
its 2012 and these niggaz know the deal



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