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Dope Bitch Lyrics
[Intro: The-Dream & Fabolous]

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
A nigga need her in his arms, I call them dope bitches
One thousand Instagrams, that girl takes some dope pictures
Yeah, they with us, let them through the rope bitches
There's girls you say yes to and then there's no bitches
You looked blessed, word to the pope’s picture
Clean as a bar of soap, them hoes is soap dishes
Uh, that mean they under you
You know I'm getting bread, no wonder you
Walked up looking wonderful
Dressed like you had something to do
But, you ain't doing shit, and these niggas ain't nothing to do
Why don't we just disappear? That'd be dope, Blue Magic
If this was back in the Bird era, I'd probably be passing them out like Magic
Mami dame azucar, I feel like Frank Lucas
Except I'm further uptown, in the Heights smoking hookah
He spit crack, the herd has dough
Put that H on my belt cause that Hermes dope, (I got a)

[Hook] (x16)
A dope bitch, (I got a)

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Tap her on her arm, try, once you pass
You want a scoop, you light the spoon
And set a fire to your ass
She from down south, but I shoot her up here
Hit her on the steps, never made it upstairs
Owww, keep making it rain
She know she a dope bitch, she just take it in vain
She family, her watch cost a Camry
Your nigga so thirsty, I let her push the Lambi
Uh, let them see the Audemars, babe
You deserve a strip in Baltimore, babe
Long black hair, blonde at the edges
Heels with kicks, fuck it, Giuseppe wedges
She here in a bun, pretty, even when it's messy
Know how to rock the strapless, if it's kinda dressy
Her curly hair looks shit on Polamalu
She think like a man, drink out the bottle
Dope bitch (I got a)

[Hook] (x16)
A dope bitch, (I got a)

[Outro: Fabolous]


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