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Lay Down Lyrics
[Verse 1: Fab]
You finally got some off time
It's usually Sports Center for the fourth time
Tonight you came out of yours and I took off mine
Now we finally playing catch, got some back and forth time
Tossing pillows, passing blunts, caught a buzz
First time you gave me head was everything I thought it was gonna be
You ain't got one degree
But you'll get a PH.D for that thing you've done to me

[?] Tugging dungaree
I wanted you under me
Wanted to spread them legs like you number 23
Maybe you wasn't ready
Maybe its under key
And it's some for them, and it ain't none for me
So we cuddle for a while, talk what you want to be
Some things we had in common and movies you want to see
He made her run to me, you played with one of these
Pretty young girls, ain't no telling what she gonna be

If she was my girl, might sound sprung of me
I'd give her everything like she had a gun to me
Busy man, but for you I'm free
Just counting down the days 'til the next time we....

[Hook: Ryan Leslie and Fab]

Lay down......lay down...lay down
I can hear you now, lay down
I can hear you now, lay down
(Let that body talk) x2

Talk to me now, listen

[Verse 2: Fab]

Your scent light up the truck soon as you hopped in it
Easily number one, no matter who the top 10 is
In that passenger, no reason for gassing ya
Girl you ain't killing 'em, baby it's a massacre
Black curly hair, smile with a pearly glare
I can take you around the globe, I'm sure the world will stare
But tonight we in the city, like J.Lo and Diddy
Back in 99, that bad boy with pretty
A rainy night, the type that make you change your flight
But we still fly
Ain't nothing plain about us, right?
We came to get a bite, blue ribbon for two
And I ain't clumsy but I'm so tripping off you

Had sushi for the first time, she tried the king
California tempura, oh you trying things

I'm your waiter, I hope you like what I'm trying to bring
All you gotta do is the two words Ryan sing
Lay down, lay down
Hey, girl I know my way round
Coming down, H-town
Ass up, face down
Guess we on our way now
I know you can't stay 'round
She climbed on top and said look nigga...

[Hook: Ryan Leslie and Fab]
Lay down......lay down...lay down
I can hear you now, lay down
I can hear you now, lay down
(let that body talk) x2


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