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Playa Lyrics
See everybody ainĀ't ballin, most is fallin
Even more, itĀ's crawlin
When they look up all they see is the position that yall in
So donĀ't be so up, thatĀ'll blind him
YouĀ're so far ahead that you donĀ't see people are behind you, playa

Playa, playa (Playa, playa)
Playa, playa (Playa, playa)
Playa, playa (Playa, playa)
Playa, playa

Playa, playa
Fortune teller jeweler, Audemar PKer
Then you tellin waitresses the Rose up
Pumpin VIP, you meet yo first playa
In the strip club, ones in the air
Nothing but attention that they wanna pay her
Dances prime to welcome to LA her
Shaking like a Polaroid picture heya
Let em know you ballin, you that nigga playa
Man you run the city, you the new mayor
Tonight is full of hoes and the flyest pay us
CanĀ't forget the jackals and the playa haters

The shady hoes canĀ't wait to be traded up
ItĀ's hard to tell which one is here to slay ya
It could be that pretty red bootlegger
Textin to them niggas who are tryna lay er
The lights is comin on and you drunken sailor
Shawty like where that afterparty playa?
You grab her by the hand and tell her IĀ'mma take ya
Shawty rollin with it, she is not a faker
Now you in yo whip like a rollerskater
Pullin out the lot, you tell yo homies later
Stopping at the light corner of the brayer
Them niggas ride up on you like a escalator

Wearing all black, Oakland Raider
Screaming run yo shit fore they AK ya
Begging for yo life, hoping they donĀ't spray ya
Shoulda left that balling shit for the Lakers


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