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Make Me Better Lyrics
(feat. Ne-Yo)

[INTRO: Ne-Yo, Fabolous]
Hey, Ne-Yo.
Say what? Low soul.
Hey, hey.

I'm a movement by myself.
But I'm a force when we're together.
Mami I'm good all by myself.
But baby you, you make me better.
You make me better.
You make me better.
You make me better.
You make me better.
You make me better.
You make me better.
You make me better.
You make me better.

You plus me, it equal betta math.
Ya boy a good look but, she my betta half.
I'm already bossin', already flossin'.
But why have the cake if it ain't got the sweet frostin'? (yep yep yep yep).
Keepin' me on my A game (what what what what)
Wit'out havin' the same name, (they they they they they)
They may flame, (but but but but)
But shawty, we burn it up.
The sag in my swag, pimp in my step.
Daddy do the Gucci, mami intercepts.
Yes it's a G thing, whenever we swing.
I'ma need Coretta Scott, if I'm gon' be King.


First thing's first, I does what I do.
But everything I am, she's my influ..
I'm already boss, I'm already fly.
But if I'm a star, she is the sky (ahh ahh ahh)
And when I feel like I'm on top (she she she)
She give me reason to not stop (eh eh eh eh eh)
And though I'm hot (to to to)
Togetha we burn it up.

The caked up cut, the cleaned up ice.
But shawty come around, I clean up nice.
Dynamic Duo, Batman, Robin.
Whoever don't like it, it's that man problem (eh eh eh)
And when I feel like I'm tired (ma ma ma).
Mami be takin' me higher (ah ah ah ah ah)
I'm on fire (but but but)
But shawty we burn it up.


Inside every great man, you can find a woman like a soldier holdin' him down.

And she treats me like a dog, watches for the hit.
Checks where I go, even watches who I'm wit.
The right when I'm wrong, so I never slip.
Show me how to move, that's why I never trip.
And baby girl, you so major, they should front-page ya (front page ya).
God bless the parents who made ya (who made ya).
Middle finger anybody who hate the,
Way we burn it up.


[Fabolous speaking]
Yeah baby, them lames you playin' wit.
They gon' put you down.
We tryin' to compliment ya, you know?
Make it better.
Top-notch Tim.
Nice-look Ne-Yo.
Livin' good low soul.
They ask you how you doin' now, tell 'em better 'den them.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.



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