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 1. Pink
 2. Weezer
 3. Faith Hill
 4. Gustavo Cerati
 5. Adele
 6. Future
 7. Lil Wayne
 8. The Cast Of Cheers
 9. Johnny Cash
 10. Miyavi
 1. 21 by Adele
 2. Amor Amarillo by Gustavo Cerati
 3. Take Care by Drake
 4. No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls by Simple Plan
 5. The Fox by Elton John
 6. Making Mirrors by Gotye
 7. The Vow OST by The National
 8. It's by Teen Top
 9. The Band Perry by The Band Perry
 10. Progress by Ultraspank
 1. Lisa by Gustavo Cerati
 2. I'm Just A Kid by Simple Plan
 3. Please Don't Leave Me by Pink
 4. Who Knew by Pink
 5. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye
 6. Story Of A Free Man - Chapter Three: Serenity by Verse
 7. Mona Lisa by All American Rejects
 8. You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss
 9. Lisa by Burt Bacharach
 10. Carla-Etude by Elton John
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Album: Choose Your Masques - 1996
Album: Electric Teepee - 1993
Death Of War
Sadness Runs Deep
Album: The Xenon Codex - 1987
Neon Skyline
Album: Angels Of Death - 1985
Fahrenheit 451
Waiting For Tomorrow
Album: The Chronicle Of The Black Sword - 1984
Elric The Enchanter
Horn Of Destiny
Sea King
Album: Church Of Hawkwind - 1981
Angel Voices
Joker At The Gate
Album: Sonic Attack - 1980
Living On A Knife Edge
Lost Chances
Rocky Paths
Streets Of Fear
Album: Levitation - 1979
The Fifth Second Of Forever
Album: P.X.R.5 - 1978
Album: Quark Strangeness And Charm - 1976
Damnation Alley
Album: Doremi Fasol Latido - 1971
Down Through The Night
Album: In Search Of Space - 1970
We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
Album: Electric Tepee - 0
The Secret Agent
Album: Live Chronicles - 0
Conjuration Of Magnu
Dreaming City
Fight Sequence
The Dark Lords
Album: Space Ritual - 0
10 Seconds To Forever
Black Corridor
Upside Down
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25 Years
5th Second Of Forever
Adjust Me
Aerospace Age Inferno
Alien (I Am)
Angel Of Death
Are You Losing Your Mind?
Arrival In Utopia
Assassins Of Allah
Assault & Battery Part1
Assault And Battery
Back In The Box
Be Yourself
Beam Me Up
Black Elk Speaks
Blue Skin
Born To Go
Brain Box Pollution (Original Single Mix)
Came Home
Children Of The Sun
Choose Your Masques
Coded Languages
Damage Of Life
Dangerous Vision
Days Of The Underground
Dealing With The Devil
Death Trap
Do That
Dragons And Fables
Dream Worker
Dust Of Time
Dying Seas
Earth Calling
Fable Of A Failed Race
Fall Of Earth City
First Landing On Medusa
Flying Doctor
Free Fall
Good Evening
Green Finned Demon
Hassan I Sahba
High Rise
Horn Of Fate
Hurry On Sundown
In The Egg
It's So Easy
Jack Of Shadows
Kadu Flyer
Kerb Crawler
Kings Of Speed
Kings Of Speed (live)
Kiss Of The Velvet Whip
Light House
Looking In The Future
Lord Of Light
Lords Of Chaos
Lost Johnny
Love In Space
Master Of The Universe
Mirror Of Illusion
Motorway City
Needle Gun
New Jerusalem
Nuclear Drive
Nuclear Toy
Orgone Accumulator
Out Of The Shadows
Psi Power
Psychedelic Warlords
Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
Quark, Strangeness And Charm
Reefer Madness
Right Stuff
Right To Decide (Original Mix)
Running Through The Back Brain
Seven By Seven
Ship Of Dreams
Shot Down In The Night
Silver Machine
Sleep Of A Thousand Tears
Sleep Of A Thousand Tears (Live)
Social Alliance
Solitary Mind Games
Some People Never Die
Song Of The Swords
Sonic Attack
Space Is Deep
Spiral Galaxy
Spirit Of The Age
Sputink Stan
Standing At The Edge
Star Cannibal
Sweet Mistress Of Pain
T.V. Suicide
Ten Seconds Of Forever
The Age Of The Micro Man
The Awakening
The Demented Man
The Demise
The Golden Void
The Golden Void Part II
The Gremlin Song
The Only Ones
The Phenomenon Of Luminosity
The War I Survived
The War I Survived (Live)
The Watcher
The Wizard Blew His Horn
Time And Confusion
Time Captives
Time We Left This World Today
Trans-Dimensional Man
Uncle Sam's On Mars
Urban Guerrilla
Utopia 84
Virgin Of The World
Void Of Golden Light
Wage War
Wastelands Of Sleep
Watching The Grass Grow
Web Weaver
Welcome To The Future
Who's Gonna Win The War?
You Know You're Only Dreaming
You Shouldn't Do That
You'd Better Believe It

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