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30 Minutes To New Orleans Lyrics
Gucci bay bay, fresh black adidas
Rollin on a pill, rollin up some reefers
Declining all the kieshas
Replying to the kims
Still knockin boots like hammers on tims
Imma motha fucka baby
Weezy f baby
Yea I get it wet and I keep it wet baby
I can make a dyke say she leavin that lady
I can make a lady say she leavin that
Pussy as nigga that gave her that baby
Now she wit
Weezy f weezy f weezy f weezy f baby
Hahahaha weezy f baby hahahahaha
Watcha gone watcha gone watcha gone do
When nina ross come and put that pussy on you
You probly still a virgin and imma bust
Your girls cherry
And imma come through in something so cherry
I'm sittin on perellis
Bumpin makivelli
Showed your girlfriend my house
She think I live in Italy
Just bought a jet I'm bout to take that bitch to LA
Bitch I neva met I'm bout to meet that bitch in LA

Oooh I'm feelin myself
I'm so fly shawty think I really fly stealth
I'm so paid shawty I could really buy a stealth
And I'm feeling my belt and I'm feelin my sneaks
Cuz I don't see them on anybody
Got the semi by me
For anybody
Yeaaa I'm from up town
Yeaaa I'm from up town
Yeaaa I'm from up town
I'm lightin up to blunts at one time
And I thank god I can say fuck one time
I'm sippin out two cups at one time
And I thank god I can say fuck one time
Fuck one time
Fuck one time
Fuck one time
Thank god
Louis V bag All black hammer
Louis V shoes wit tha lil bandana
The Louis phonecase for the sidekick case
Might put a LV on the side of my bitch face
Man ima dog, I go so hard
Man ima dog boutta come in yo' yard
Boutta, boutta come in yo' lady
Weezy f weezy f weezy f baaby
Weezy f weezy f weezy f baaby
And Young Mula baby

Can't forget that
How would you do that
I beat that track til that bitch blue black its
Weezy f tha monster, even F ya mama
Even ask ya mama, leave ya next to mama
You are so pussy gonorrheas your aroma
Blind gynecologist could see that you're vagina
Me me me turn beef to bologna
And ya girl ridin me like a honda
Better yet she ride me like Travis Pastrana
Fuck the X Games, its ecstasy games
Show me a mirror cause I'm so glad to meet wayne
And I'm feelin myself
So fly shawty think I really fly stealths
And I'm so paid shawty I can really buy stealths
And I'm feelin my belt, I'm feelin my sneaks cause
I ain't never seen em on anybody
Got the semi by me for anybody
Yeah I from uptown yeah I from uptown
Yeah I'm from uptown, Eastside!


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