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Down For My Niggas Freestyle Lyrics
lets go
im bout to murder this shyt
im bout to murder this shyt
its ya boy weezy BABY
ay ay
bitch im down for my squiddies and i ride for the cause
its the S-Q boys wit the big fuckin cars
if anybody fuck wit my squadysquad
ima cut ya balls off and hand 'em to ya partnaz
its WEEZY BABY the man of the hour
uptown candidate
Holly Grove stand up
im superfly i still ice my whole band up
still hit ya man up
still got my grams up
and whether flowin on a beat
or i catch u in the street
bitch i still gotcha hands up
man up
sqad up
i wont deny it
cuz ima fuckin ridah
pop atcha momma behind my sqad
bitch i got birdman and rinah behind my sqad
like a hundred million dollaz behind my sqad
now errbody wanna follow behind my--
ah ah
catch me in a drop top
me and supa blanca
22's jumpin in the street we playin hopscotch
any fools jumpin in the street we sayin blackah
coke move lovely and cheap we sayin holla
man we sayin powdah,heroin,grass, X
pistols,bullets, versus sex
weezy versus whoevers ya best
fuck a hot 16 i make 11 ya chest
gotta watch these niggas turnin elliot ness
give my milli a press
leave ya belly a mess
tell ya bitch give my celly a rest
she love my because im coachin her handbags
chenellin her dress
and when im in ya crib
im slidin out her ribs
and she tell me the rest
but i tell her whtever
next time i drop by ima leave u a letter
that says WEEZY BABY no one can do it better

cuz fuck them other niggas cuz the sqad is my niggas yeh
fuck them other niggas cuz the sqad is my niggas yeh
fuck them other niggas cuz the sqad is my niggas
and if
u aint sqad then u not my nigga
thats how that shit go man its ya boy weezy BABY
whn you see me in the streets man do not say oh wayne
holla atcha boys man
im still doin it wit my boy FEE
u gotta feel me man
thats the boy a.k.a mr.enron
u already kno dirty money,clean money, its just money nah'm sayin
young money,cash money,old money whatever man
its ya boy man
i talk a whole lotta shit man i can wake ya grandfather up u already kno man
im the fuckin birdman jun--im the birdman junior man
im one stunnas son u aint heard ha ha ha
they wanna know if i got birds huh
bitch i got 20's i got 22's i got 24's i got 23's
i got--i even got 19's but dont tell nobody know wht im sayin
man im the boy man
yall niggas cant fuck wit me
man i got my nigga guttah guttah right here wit me
and if u--if u talk dogg the boy gone kill u i swear to god man
i put it on my daddy man
i gotcha boy young yo man
if ya bitch talk man the boy gone fuck her i swear to god man
i got my boy rides right here man
u kno how to rap the boy gone put them fire tracks to ya ass man i swear to god man
on the real man
i got my nigga supah right here man
if u buyin worth my boy got it man i swear to god man
i got my boy T--T.RED but we call him T.STREETS
cuz if you fuck wit him he gonna get real streets i swear to god man
i got my boy tezzy pooh man
the boy kno how to do all kinda mathmetician type shit i swear to god man
we on this shit man we got this shit
we ready man on the real-one the real
u dont even kno man i got my boy nut man who wanna spit against my boy
he gone burn em' i swear to god not playin
my nigga raw dizzy man i dont think nobody in the world can fuck wit this nigga
if u think u can fuck wit this nigga u gotta be out ya fuckin mind man i swear to god man
its ya boy weezy baby and if u gotta bitch watch her i swear to god man


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