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Grown Man - Currency Lyrics
(Lil Wayne)
Chea, what's up baby
I aint tryin to do nothin but get my grown man on
I aint tryin to hurt you, only if you want me to, ha
Yea, somethin like that

Yea wats happenin baby im lil wayne from new orleans
Fresh out the navy now the captain of my own team
Hop in this machine
Banish from the scene
God damnit im so manish
Handle it like a standard
So put ur panties and ur pants by the trashcan
Romance on the floor plans
Yea, we hold hands while we rollin
Jus tryin to keep up with the program
Jus tryin to sneak up on ya,
Like how u doin mam
Im a old soul in a young man,
We got to it and we didn't stop till the birds hit the block
And she aint neva had it like that

Girl, u are so fine
I wish that i could get u over here girl tonight
So i can get my grown man on with u,
U don't kno about it, im on my grown man (4x)

Now i don't really hit the club
But tonight I'll make an exception
For some reason i can't seem to keep my eyes out your direction
Im lookin at u so hard i could probably catch a charge
Feelin the way u walk when you move your booty applause damn,
I gotta keep my composure
Gotta attack my mission handle business like a soldier
Young man, young money with the money long
Currency tha hot spitta it so grown
And ur perception of me is so wrong
Don't worry bout wut u heard bout me and them other birds
Mighta dun a lil dirt and left a few of em hurt
But whateva has occured they all got what they deserved,
And u don't rock like them i can see it in your eyes
If u aint good for me then u wearin a disguise
'cause tonight u lookin like ms right
And i swore to be a player for life but I'll change for u


Lil wayne
U aint a woman, u a baby girl livin in a lady's world
And im a grown man, the women understand
See wat i go thru, is wat i owe u
So u should throw that ass back to me right now
Yeah, fly boy baby sit back relaxin,
Cruise wit a nigga, destination satisfaction
Now who's is it baby she say weezy fuckin baby
I said yes it fuckin did
She said don't u ever leave
I say, i say but i got money on my mind
Then i tell her nevermind and we do it one more time
Yeah, for a large amount of time
Long, it wont stop till daytime come home


Damn, look, that, oh that right there
That's the sunset girl, get ur visor
Wheres those chanel shades i get u
U always losin things
And im always buyin new things
I come a long way u remember
Remember that block
Look at you, u think u all grown

U aint a woman, u a baby girl livin in a lady's world
And im a grown man, the women understand
See wat i go thru, is wat i owe u
And u should throw that ass back to me right now


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