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One Way Trip Lyrics
Uh, yeah, uh, yeah

Verse 1:
Beat the beat up 'til the beat get punch drunk
Drown in my flow, motherfucker bring your swimmin' trunks
Everybody say they just do it, well I just don't
Times do change, motherfucker but the gun don't
Woke up this mornin' with my dick to the ceiling
Fell asleep with another chick from my building
Kick her ass out and have breakfast like a motherfucker
I'm with another bitch by supper
Me and hate, that's an odd couple
You niggas fake, you wouldn't pop bubbles
You can act stupid, bitch I'm dumber
And T. Barker is my motherfuckin' drummer

(Chorus: Kevin Rudolf)
I'm fallin' down a landslide on a one way trip to you
You want me to take you for a ride
Well let's see what you can do
And it feels like uh, uh uh uh uh
And I know just what to do
Cause I'm fallin' down the landslide
On a one way trip to you

(Verse 2)
I've been doin' this shit
And you know what they say about the shoe if it fit
Have a ball 'till I fall though
And if I die today I bet the world end tomorrow
It's fucked up how you ain't never mean
And I got blind money, money you ain't never see
And only in the mirror is where you find a better me
I make money and my fingers make the letter B
I'm very sick, very sicker than you
And when I play sick, I'm Jordan with the flu
Then I become a motherfucker,
And my nigga Travis Barker is my drummer motherfucker


(Verse 3)
Uh, I get better with time, and time is forever
So just sit back and watch the time get better
So check your watch, I'm strong as scotch
Papa was a Rollin' Stone, I was born to rock
Tell it like it is, shit, I don't know when it isn't
To beat or not to beat, shit, I don't know my decision
I don't know how I made it for this long in this condition
Cuz my flow so sick I should have died in the first verse
This the Dr. Carter with my hand up a nurse skirt
Suck me like soup and I'mma eat you like surf-n-turf
Just let me know when you're comin'
And my motherfuckin' nigga T. Barker keep drummin'
Let's go


On a one way trip to you, one way trip to you


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