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Scream And Shout Lyrics
Hi, I'm Tunechi, I give the girls my room key
Money can't buy you love, so I don't pay for no pussy
I don't pay these haters no mind, so fucking call me cheap
I grab life by the horns, and that bitch went 'beep beep'
I swear right now I feel like Pac, cause All Eyez On Me
And I don't mean to throw no salt, but these niggas small fries to me
And my bitch bad like Britney, but I wish I had Britney
She remind me of my Jeep, but I got a bad memory
And I'm feeling good, I'm looking good, I'm smoking good, I'm sippin
These hoes think they classy, well that's the class I'm skippin
Got a party in my bedroom, that's a party she ain't missin.
I bought her by Will.I.Am, but she kept callin him William
Only God can judge me, case closed.
I got more hoes than Drake shows
I got this shit on lock, no escape doors
And I make that bitch scream & shout, and let it all out
I put it in her back yard like a fucking dog house, Tunechi!


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