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Wezzy Baby Baby Baby Lyrics
Bet You Never Felt Like This Ma.[Laugh]
Yea [x4]
What Up Shawty My Name Is Weezy,
Weezy Baby(Yes Maam).
Please Say The Baby When You Say It
Or don't Say It At All.(don't, Ya No)
How You Man? what's Really Good Shawty. P
Lease Let Ya Hair Down Sit Back And Listen To Me Man...

[Verse 1:]
I Got That Chrome
Sittin On My Haul
Get It And Roll Let Me
See If It she'd In Ya Soul.
And I'm Seeing What You Need
And I'm Thinkin it's Me.
By You Being A Gangsta Bitch
And Me Bein A G
All I See Is Kids.
Say My Name
If You Wanna Deal
Shwaty We Can Play The Hearts
And I Swear I Wont Renig.
I'm 4real. And I'm There
For All The Things We didn't Spend
But Baby Ima Hustla
I Had To Get It In.
Ima Love Ya And For That We Can Win
Ya Feelin My Grin
Although As Often Seen
But Nall I'm Not Mean
I'm Ya Boy I Got Ya
You Got Me Really You Pretty
I Aint Tryin To See You In No Videos
Serious Promise Y
Oull Never Find Another Human Like I
One Who Have The Power To Take Over Minds.(Repeat)
Let Inside Mama My Name Is...

Weezy Baby Baby Baby Baby [x4]

[Verse 2:]
See I don't Know If You Get It Yet
But I'm Lightin Dro Up Like Cigaretes
The World Is So Cold
And I Gotta Little Chest.
I Need A Lil Miss To Help Me Miss A Lil Missa
Give a lot Of Love
And Get A Little Stress
I'm Best At Being Weezy
So that's Who I Be
So Know That You Aint Fall In Love With A G
You Fell In Love With A G
I'm Spellin Love With A E And A O Lo U Play
U See It When I Send It
Over The 2 Way
Oh Baby Girl I'm To Straight
It Aint Sweet
But it's Kool Aid
What I Mean It Is As Sweet As You Make It
Take It To The House
I Take You From Girl To Wifey
Than Take It To The Spouse
What We Got Is Great
And For Snake Bitin
Take It To The Mouth
The Haters Is Nothing
Save The Drama For Ya Moma
Just Save Me Lovin Trust
And Ima Go And Take It For Us
If I Never Made Love Ima Make It For Us

Baby I can't See My World
Livin Here On Gods Green Earth
You don't Know What Yove Done To Me
I Never Thought I'll Need You Desperatly
It's Kind Of Sick How I'm Stuck On You
But I don't Care
Cause I'm Needing You
And How I Feel Will Remain The Same
Cause you're My Baby

[Verse 3:]
And When The World Starts To Strees Us Out (Yes)
I Jets Us Out To A Spot
Where It Is Just Us
Now We Connect On Every Play
Shawty Lets Touchdown
We Like Jlo And Puff Chris
A Been that's Us Now
Weezy Baby Easy
Baby Settle Down
My Momma Say To Settle Down
Discuss Wedding Vows
Let Me Find Out
You Gotta Playa Callin Time Out
But A Veteran Jsut Resigned Out (Weezy Baby)
My Name Is Weezy

[Chours: Rest Of Song]


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