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What He Does Lyrics
But she always say
But she love my style

[Verse 1]
And if I stay out late, I'm comin' home rich
Thinkin bout that pussy on the grind got me home sick
Them dolla signs on my mind got me on this
If I don't hustle then wat happens in the mornin?
Do the sun even rise, Do the birds sing?
When I can stand over the stove and make the birds sing
You think about that, I'll be right back
There she go, baby, come right back
Then she call right back
I toss the phone in the back
Shit, you all I got
But if you leave me where you left me,
That be on this block, gettin' it
And when a nigga hittin' it, you lovin'
No cryin', no fussin'
Just a simple, "I'm comin"
So when your baby boy out there runnin'
Don't cry, don't fuss
It's simple; I'm comin'

I know what he does
I know I'm in love
With my baby, that's my baby
Have his baby someday
And yes, it's hard
So hard
Ohh, but that's my baby
And I love him
I love him y'all

[Verse 2]
I roll up on her in that earth-toner
She can smell the work on me when I work on her
I see through that smirk on her
It hurts sorta
But I been in too deep since my first order
I just tell her don't expect the worst
She say she don't wanna be stuck standing next to a nurse
I say "I don't wanna be stuck standing next to a curb"
She say she don't wanna--
I say, "Shut up, you pressing my nerve"
She say, "Who you tellin shut up?"
Then she get up
Start packing her shit up
Start calling her sister
Sister dosent pick up
The tensions start to pick up
She cryin, she got hiccups
I'm tellin her to cheer up
I'm layin down,
She say sit up, I sit up
She push me down, I sit up
She push me down, I get up
Then I act like imma hit her but
I'm a better nigga
She can't find a better nigga, naw


[Verse 3:]
I think about you when I'm riding dirty
Said I love you 'fore I left, I hope you heard me
Case I never make it back, I hope you heard me
And if you ever have twins name 'em Bright and Early
Cause I'm up for the money, I hope you down with it
No, this ain't game but I can't be found in it
And why be in it if I'm not gon' win it
So I'll be playin 'til the last minute
You don't get it
See, that ground hurt when you hit it
I wouldn't lie baby
But fuck with me and you forever fly baby
So far from the buttom, I swear
You smell the work in the air, I'm there
You can never take that from me
And what I been through you can't take back from me
If I offend you, then mama get back from me
But if you love me then I know you coming back for me
You love my style


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