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Zoo Lyrics
(feat. Mack Maine)

Look, rockwilder on the beat
1,7 in ya face, mack maine u my nigga, cash money wassup
Check me out

Young money mu'tha f**ka where the cash at
I put numbas on ya head like a class hat
See i dun been through everything like a lab rat
Can u swim cuz u sleepin where the crabs at
I stand before u bitch niggas with the 5th cocked
Boom boom!!!!
U can hear a pen drop
Bullet proof vest cannot defend tops
Wanna walk n my shoes u need 10 socks
But these niggas is actors like rick foxx
Stick 2 the script or f**k around and get written out
We in this mu'tha f**ka throwin up the sets
G4 boys
Throw em off the jet

[Chorus x2: Lil Wayne]
And me and mack is just 2 niggas from the same hood
Fell from the same tree
Cut from the same wool see im the young lion
And he the young bull
Welcome 2 the zoo
U are in the zoo

[Mack Maine:]
Mack on the dollar hunt
Im feelin real slick bitch i got my collars up
Spread the word boi i keep the kush bottled up
40 cal pal u can get hollowed up
If u aint talkin money hommie then dats cheap cheddar
Im pissin on the game feelin like i gotta weak bladder
N yall fallin off u climbin up a weak ladder
N im 2 high 2 try 2 reach ya son
I rock shows everyday wit ms. cita's son
Then im uptown baby like im peeta gunz
I lost tyreek 2 the lord i speak

I got game i'll have a vegie tryna eat my meat

[Chorus x2: Mack Maine]
Me n tune is just 2 niggas from the same hood
Fell from the same tree
Cut from the same wool he the young lion
And im the young bull
Welcome 2 the zoo nigga
Welcome 2 the zoo

[Lil Wayne & Mack Maine]
Now bring it back to hollygrove yea hollygrove
A well part had work by the sliding boards
A well part get u murked by the sliding boards
17th ward animals and dinosaurs
Tyrannosaurus rex test me its m.o.b till a mortition dress me
And thats deep get run up on eagle street
Bail fast in monroe be right at ya front door
Knock, knock, hello there goes several fellows
With clips to the elbows hellrose
And tell them niggas we was hustlin till hell froze
Hollygrove ain't no muthaf**kin melrose
Hollywood ain't no muthaf**kin hollygrove
They could find yo ass monday in yo friday clothes
Or they could find yo ass part dead on father's day
Hollygrove usa remain in carter state

[Chorus x1: Mack Maine]
And me and carter are just 2 niggas from the same hood
Fell from the same tree
Cut from the same wool
He just a young lion and i'm a young bull
Welcome 2 the zoo nigga you are in the zoo

[Chorus x1: Lil Wayne]
And me and maineis just 2 niggas from the same hood
Fell from the same tree
Cut from the same wool
See i'm a young lion and he the young bull
Welcome to the zoo u are in the zoo


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