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 1. Pink
 2. Weezer
 3. Faith Hill
 4. Gustavo Cerati
 5. Adele
 6. Future
 7. Lil Wayne
 8. The Cast Of Cheers
 9. Johnny Cash
 10. Miyavi
 1. 21 by Adele
 2. Amor Amarillo by Gustavo Cerati
 3. Take Care by Drake
 4. No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls by Simple Plan
 5. The Fox by Elton John
 6. Making Mirrors by Gotye
 7. The Vow OST by The National
 8. It's by Teen Top
 9. The Band Perry by The Band Perry
 10. Progress by Ultraspank
 1. Lisa by Gustavo Cerati
 2. I'm Just A Kid by Simple Plan
 3. Please Don't Leave Me by Pink
 4. Who Knew by Pink
 5. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye
 6. Story Of A Free Man - Chapter Three: Serenity by Verse
 7. Mona Lisa by All American Rejects
 8. You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss
 9. Lisa by Burt Bacharach
 10. Carla-Etude by Elton John
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Album: Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 1 - 2012
Audubon Ballroom
How Dare You
Strange Fruition
Unforgivable Youth
Album: Lupe Fiasco's The Cool - 2007
Go Go Gadget Flow
Album: Superstar [Single] [Clean] - 2007
Dumb It Down (Radio Version)
Album: The Cool - 2007
Baba Says Cool For Thought
Dumb It Down
Free Chilly
Go Baby
Go Go Gadget Flow
Gold Watch
Gotta Eat
Hello / Goodbye (Uncool)
Hello Goodbye
Hip-Hop Saved My Life
Intruder Alert
Little Weapon
Paris, Tokyo
Put You On Game
Streets On Fire
The Die
Album: Kick Push - Single - 2006
Kick Push (Album Version)
Album: Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor - 2006
Hurt Me Soul
Album: Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor (Edited) - 2006
Real Feat. Sarah Green
Album: Touch The Sky - 2006
Conflict Diamonds
Dear Fall
Happy Industries
Hustlaz Song
Ignorant Freestyle
Lu Myself
Outty 5000
Pen & The Needles
Switch Science Project
Touch The Sky
Twilight Zone
Album: Friend Of The People - 0
Double Burger With Cheese
Friend Of The People
Joaquin Phoenix
Life, Death & Love From San Francisco
Lupe Back
The End Of The World
WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!!
Album: Lasers - 0
All Black Everything
Beautiful Lasers
Coming Up
Letting You Go
Out Of My Head
State Run Radio
The Show Goes On
Till I Get There
Words I Never Said
Other songs lyrics
1st & 15th
American Terrorist
American Terrorist 3
American Terrorist II
And He Gets The Girl
Animal Pharm
Around My Way
B.M.F 'Building Minds Faster'
Battle Scars
Bitch Bad
Can You Let Me Know
Carrera Lu
Champ Is Here Freestyle
Child Rebel Soldier
Coulda Been
Dead Presidents Freestyle
Don't Get It Twisted
Drizzy's Law
Funkmaster Flex
Game Time
Get Throwed
Ghetto Story
Hater Hop
He Say She Say
Heat Under The Baby Seat
I Don't Feel So Good
I Gotcha
I Gotcha (Remix)
I'm Beamin'
Jedi Mind Trick
Jonylah Forever
Just Might Be Ok
Just Might Be Okay (featuring Gemini)
Kick Push (Remix)
Kick, Push
Kick, Push Ii
Knockin' At The Door
Lamborghini Angels
Letting Go
Light Blue
Lupe The Killer
Mean & Vicious
Much More
Muhammad Walks
Never Forget You
Nice Muhammad Walks
Piru Blues
Pressure - Jay-Z, ,
Real (featuring Sarah Green)
Real Recognize Real
Shining Down
Sittin Sideways (remix)
Solar Midnite
Spaze Out
Steady Mobbin'
Stereo Sun
Superstar (Remix)
The Cool
The Coolest
The Emperor's Soundtrack
The Instrumental
Theme Music To å Drive By
Thorns And Horns
Thot 97
Trials & Tribulations
We Love You
What It Do
Who Are You Now
You My

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