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 1. Pink
 2. Weezer
 3. Faith Hill
 4. Gustavo Cerati
 5. Adele
 6. Future
 7. Lil Wayne
 8. The Cast Of Cheers
 9. Johnny Cash
 10. Miyavi
 1. 21 by Adele
 2. Amor Amarillo by Gustavo Cerati
 3. Take Care by Drake
 4. No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls by Simple Plan
 5. The Fox by Elton John
 6. Making Mirrors by Gotye
 7. The Vow OST by The National
 8. It's by Teen Top
 9. The Band Perry by The Band Perry
 10. Progress by Ultraspank
 1. Lisa by Gustavo Cerati
 2. I'm Just A Kid by Simple Plan
 3. Please Don't Leave Me by Pink
 4. Who Knew by Pink
 5. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye
 6. Story Of A Free Man - Chapter Three: Serenity by Verse
 7. Mona Lisa by All American Rejects
 8. You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss
 9. Lisa by Burt Bacharach
 10. Carla-Etude by Elton John
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Album: Promise - 2012
Album: Skate Boy - 2011
Let's Be Real
Shawty Want A Xanex
Tear It Up
Album: DeAndre Way - 2010
30 Thousand 100 Million
All Black Everything
Blowing Me Kisses
Do It Big
First Day Of School
Hey Cutie
Mean Mug
Pretty Boy Swag
Rich Girl
Speakers Going Hammer
Album: The Teen Of The South - 2008
Go Hard
I Know You Hate Me
Photo Shoot
Super Soak
The Dre
Album: Let Me Get 'Em - 2007
ShootOut (Pool Palace)
Album: - 2007
Don't Get Mad
Hey You There
Let Me Get 'Em (ShootOut)
Pass It To Arab
Report Card
She Thirsty
Snap And Roll
Album: Unsigned & Still Major Da Album Before Da Album - 2007
Crank Dat Dance
Look At Me
Soulja Boy Ain't Got No Money
Step Then Snap
Album: Katreena_1995 - 0
Crank That
Weed And Shoes
Album: More Than A Game - 0
I'm Ballin
Other songs lyrics
10 On Pump 4
A Soulja World
Aint Stackin
All Des Racks
All The Time
Beat It Up
Been Thinkin
Bird Walk
Blow My Booty Hoe
Booty Meat
Bust A Move
Catch Me If You Can
Charlie Sheen
Cheat Code Swag
Churp (Hit Me Up)
Clique Up
Come On
Come Try It
Crank Dat Jump Rope
Crank Dat Soulja Boy
Crank Dat Soulja Boy Supaman Dat Hoe
Crank Dat Spiderman
Crank That (Soulja Boy) (Travis Barker Remix)
Crank That Michael Jackson
Dis To Everybody
Do It Like Dat
Do Yo Shuffle Folk
Don't Do Me
Don't Play With My Aim
Doo Doo Head
For My Money
Foreign Whip
Get Silly
Gettin Paid
Girl U Stank, Take A Bath Remix
Give Me A High Five
Go To War
God Forgive Me
Gold Chains & Vintage
Good Life
Great Seal
Gucci And Gold
Gucci Bandana (Feat. Gucci Mane And Shawty Lo)
Hate Me Later
Headed To A Check
Hundred Ones
I Be So Fresh
I Can't See Em
I Dance
I Done Came Up
I Got Me Some Bapes
I Love My Fans
I Love My Haters
I'm Swaggin
I'll Do It
I'm Gettin' Money
I'm Leanin
In My Zone
Jackie Chan
Joccin On Yo Bitch Ass
Jordans Gold Chain
Just Got My Report Card
Kickin Shit
Kim Kardashian
King Music
Kiss Me Through The Phone
Know Tho
Let Me Get Em
Love Me
Love Money
Make It Pop
Mean Flow
Molly With That Lean
My Chain
New New
No Hook
No Pad No Pen
Now I'm On
Ocean Gang Splash
Old And New Money
On My Way
Out The Kitchen
Pimp Slap Dat Hoe
Pretty Boy Swag 2010
Private Dance
Put Ya Left Foot In
Red Bentley
Retro Gamer
Ridin' Around
Rolex On My Wrist
Rubber Bands
She Trippin
Shoppin' Spree
Sippin And Tippin
Skating Rink
Skinny Niggaz Running Shit
Slangin' Chickens
Smart Girl
Soulja Boy (Rough Spanish Translation)
Soulja Girl
Stop Kony
Straight Out The Trap
Super Fresh
Swag Daddy
Swag Flu
Takeover Freestyle
Talking Winning
Test My Nutz
That Booty
That Theme
There Go Soulja
They Jockin'
Three Times
Thug Story
Time Is Money
Too Faded
Trap Swag
Turn Colors
Turn My Swag On
Twerkin Like Miley
Walk It Out (Remix)
Water Whippin
We Ready
What They Ask For
What Up
Whats Hannenin'
Whoop Rico
Willy Wonka
Wit My Yums On
Wut U Gone Do Mane
Yahhh Bitch
Yahhh Bitch Yahhh
Yamaha Mama
You Can't Get Like Me
You Got Mail (I Got)
You My Girlfriend
You On Dat List
Zan With That Lean

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