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Dynasty Lyrics
Feat. KJ

[Swateezy Verse]
I be like
Catch me if you can but I'm ussian bolt, when I'm running to the money
Play I bitch dirty if the bitch acting funny
Got the cards I'm dealt and I started playing rummy
I grind till I'm hungry, then I grind again to put food in my tummy
If you want hip-hop I'm the energizer bunny
I spit about the rain cuz my days aint always sunny
It's grind time, 25/9, every line I'm, playin the corner just like I'm prime time
Every time I rhyme, I'm tryn to show these haters it's my time
So watch me
They can't stop me, they tryna photoshop me
They wanna crop me
Out the picture cuz I'm sicker then aids with sickle cell deficiency
Efficiently, out spittin all of my enemies
How can it be, that they still tryna get at me
You gonn regret it see
Aint another muhhfucka capable of stepping up to me
In other words, none of yall can fuck with me
If you with The Slip you stuck with me if you tryna see wassup with me
Boy I'm greatness in the making
If you aint think so, then you got this shit mistaken

[KJ verse]
Who da hot topic motherfucker
I am
Legend in da streets like will
I am
Bitches bad like fergie
Will I am
I am the nigga that they hate to see comin
I am
Supa dupa flow
We rhyme things like we rhyming harmonizing are verses r chiming like windy yall bullshit like
Tony crap dice
Shot popped a three it hoed me
I back doe
My fiva dat 2 3
I'm Jordan
The slip is Chicago in da 90s
We shatter dreams
Killin all deez niggas self esteem
That's jab
You should bob an weave
Like ultimate fightin
Except this is a rap ring
I float like a butterfly
An sting
Like a bee
PAC came to swat
An biggie came to me
While we were sleep
I guess you can say we dreamin
Brain mo visual an intuitive when sleepthink
Yall sleepin
So gone an put ya pajamas on
An fix you a midnight snack
While the slip takes off
Yall aint help us get here
Dnt expect to be broke off
10 plus years in the game
We outlasting
Enemies an so called foes
Ya know
Dat use to be with the team
But aint have the same heart we did
Nino Troy started to do canceling
While he was counseling all the lames fucks claim dey wanna do music us
If y'all really wanna fuck wit us
We true to this shit
This really what we do bruh
Matter fact
Don't even fuckin hit us up
If you aint bout that grindin bruh
We aint taking no mo Ls


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