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Finessin' Lyrics
Feat. Deysean, Lique and DJ B-Flex

[Deysean - Verse 1]
I kept it extraordinarily g, a real man makes it his occupation to bring home the green
And you see, he knows how to please his lady with out begging for things
Fuck with me if you know what I mean
This music got me working bustin my ass to make this paper
This chedda or feta I'm cheesin or grinnin when I spend it
This finesse I'm rockin is truelly authentic
My lieutenant stand in attention when she ask for my assistance
She's persistent as I am consistent
In my prime I simplify to multiply per capita
I'm the captian of this coordinate plane
That displays me in unethical ways
Got a head like I'm rockin a toupee then watch her legs spread in two ways

[Swateezy - Verse 2]
I'm finessin boy I'm flexin watch me move with aggression
Apprehensive, not to mention I don't play like suspensions
This pack from slim got me twisted like a wrench is
Got a yella and a redbone fuck a preference
I'm the best that's period, end of sentence
It's the essense of my Creez that keeps every movement G
Movin slow but swiftly, yellin did you miss me
And I'm just thinkin bitch please
Swallow my name before you end up on your knees
You see I'm Mr Casanova, Mr pull up in a rover
Mr I am never sober, Mr ain't no body colder
You know the gang is nova, and bitch you know it's Nuff said
My team we eat until we fed, until our stomach is upset
We up next, and you know it, SWAT he snappin like a poet
If you got ass then baby show it, cuz I got stacks and imma throw it
So catch it like it's flu season, now watch me spring aunumn bitch that's two seasons

I'm finessin, I'm finessin on these boys [x4]
I do it [x3]
Hell yeah I do it
I do it [x3]
Hell yeah I do it

[Lique - Verse 3]
I'm finessin
That mean they be stressin
If I'm in yo presence
That's a fuckin blessin.
People say that I'm quiet
Catch a nigga in the booth
Got the mind of an OG
But you know we in our youth
It's the motion in the ocean
I'm just hopin that they choose
A young nigga like me
Young nigga like lique
And I'm Climbing for the top
I'm cream of the crop
I had a thought about a thought
She say yop just like swat
You ain't on the same page as me, bitch I'm like 10 chapters ahead that's why you hatin me.
But that don't affect me,
Beta come correctly,
I don't need no body gaurd
I am who protects me.
It's the campaign bitch elect me
I got two tires in that lane,
Two tires in that lane.
She come again,
I never came
She tried to take my last name
Lets go
You gon follow my manifesto.
Rest though,
Take ya breath slow.
I bet though
I'm best though.


[DJ B-Flex - Verse 4]
I'm Finessin
I b flexin
Who you testin
Nuff said take you
Down to the bottom
That's a blessin
No complexion
Why you stressin
Cause it's Armageddon
When were in your section
Smoke about a half pound
In a room full of sound
Make your label bow down
Kiss the ground
Nova gang is the name
And no it's not a shame
Y'all just jeoulous
Cause y'all lame
And y'all the ones to blame
Headed for the fame
Rap game
Bill nye
Had to do it for em one time
So to all you bitches bye bye



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