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It Ain't My Money Lyrics
Feat. Nucky Breaux Jr and Apollo

[Nucky Breaux Jr - Verse 1]
When I step in the club chillin
But they hit nigga foe dub stealin
I finna get so fuck up illin
Damn she got a big ole butt feelin
On her backside she so appealing
Damn I wait can't to see tha ass she concealing.
She say she looking baller
I'm like damn baby girl u should set ur sights to ceiling.
Come wit fuck nigga
I'm not a star pitcher
I'm not a quarterback but u can be my center.
Don't have alotta money but I'm good whea it counts
But u ain't gotta pay girl this dick is on the house.

[Nucky Breaux Jr - Chorus]
When I step in the club money yeah I'm headed straight for bar money lil mamma lookin like she want sumthin from me it must be this dick cuz it ain't my money.
(Repeat) 4 times It ain't my money it
Lil mamma lookin like she want sumthin from me must be this dick cuz it ain't my money.
(Repeat) 4 times It ain't my money
Lil mamma lookin like she want sumthin from me must be this dick cuz it ain't my money.

[Swateezy - Verse 2]
It's must be the Creez
It must be the way that my jordans match my tee
She must can tell what I'm packin in my jeans
If she bout that action she can get a mouth fulla deeez
Nuts, after I bust I'm ghost, beware
She want me with my bone out, Kevin ware
I hit it with my wood she on all fours like a chair
And I make her scream like a ride at the fair
She rides and her hair falls like London bridge
I ball, like under lids, bout that paper Dunder miff
Lightin another spliff, wue geuttin high doe
She say she ain't wanna fuck, giiiirl whatchu gotta lie foe

[Nucky Breaux Jr - Chorus]

[Apollo - Verse 3]
She say she love me cuz she live this dick
When I hit I make her sick to her stomach no pepto biz
My money getting long but my dick way longer
She suck suck her eyes roll back she start to wonder
Good dick money signs or lifetime
Gold diggin extractin gold no cyanide
She never seen it coming hit her ass wit a blindside
Northern nigga in the south side, split her legs no apartheid
You comin over well coo yea well we manajin
No thirsty hoes no Kim k's nigga we dodgin
Think you in love ha bitch you funny
You after this dick, shit it ain't my money

[Nucky Breaux Jr - Chorus]


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