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Live My Life Lyrics
Feat. DJ B-Flex, Lique, Apollo

[DJ B-Flex - Verse 1]
Sit back and blaze smoke some purple haze
Get drunk off some alazay and Bombay
It's just another day
Of this quite life
Bitches don't fight
Or get high
I don't know why
Can't get a bitch high
All they do is just cry
And I'm sittin here like oh god why
With this red up in my eye
There's no reason to try
I can't lie
Fuck these bitches by by
Nuff said till I die

[Swateezy - Verse 2]
Dare to be different, different shouldn't be a dare
So how dare you call me different, when my difference is rare
Infiltration incision, spittin pyrogryphics
Emitting my emissions shittin, weak rapper tryna diss is you kiddin
Ridding myself of weight that used to hold back
Now I charge a fee if you need to use me on a track
See the difference between us isn't our goals or dreams
It's how we attack, cuz I won't face a set back till I'm leaned in my lac
Reclined back and hot box that shit
In the back is jacc Apollo in the passanger seat
Drivin down the street to pick up b flex and lique
Then we meet deysean at the studio In the booth makin more cuts then movie role
Cuz we on the real, grindin for a meal
And a mill but that should be included in the deal
Life's a bitch I'm tryna cop a feel, then disappear like Copperfield

[Swateezy - Chorus]
Now I'm just tryna live the way I wanna
Chill rap smoke and stay away from the drama
Cuz I'm just tryna live my life
And I'm just tryna live it right

[Lique - Verse 3]
This that classic shit,
My niggas savages,
Y'all niggas below average.
They always told me I was better than my peers,
Yall some queers,
They despise
Cause I'll hypnotize ya through ya ears.
And have this whole bitch rockin, no gun cockin and I knew it was shockin.
Jaw lockin.
Born in Cali got mad respect for NY. I ain't no thug I ain't one of them pretend guys.
I'm just tryna go down in history, and Make em realize that I'm cleaner than some listerine.
The best you've ever seen,
Bow down to ya king,
Get up in ya queens jeans
And make that muffucka shine like hair sheen.
To fall in love she bound.
Move ya hands up den move ya hands,
Just make sure ya don't knock off my crown.
I'll make everybody thought you just up and skipped town.


[Apollo - Verse 4]
Tryin to make my dream come true when you see nothin happen
That's why I put It to my mind into this craft of rappin
Now for a while it kinda feel like a nigga was slacking
But I'm attacking and hackin you niggas get to packin
Millionaire dreams turn to billionaire schemes
Started as three now we nova gang the money team
Wasting time searching for your reflection in others
Or we can focus on reflecting what we love in others
Now that's real shit I'm the nigga you have to deal wit
Like a bitch on my dick yea I have to spit
Afterwards roll one then I get lit shout out my nigga slim yea he got that loud pack my nigga bam 19 ridin out in a lac
We jus some young niggas out here with a dream
Rollin up the green nuff said we are what it seems
Nova gang we are the team, nova gang we are the team.



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