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My Team Lyrics
Feat. Supreme

[Swateezy - Verse 1]
The way we beef over these chips it's like nachos
Yours style cheesy, I'm thinkin queso blanco
Don't make me call paco
Cuz if you add lettuce to it you get wrapped like tacos
I'm macho man, but I'm not yo man
I'm like recorded tv, you see I'm da-man
You a fan, but you not cool boy
You like some 501s, cuz I know you not true boy
I'm an asshole, but I'm smooth boy
I'm what rihanna was talmbout when she said she wants a rude boy
I'm a pitbull you a chew toy
Nuff said, nova gang, you don't want it with the crew boy
Check the time, you know it's hours
You see I spit when I talk game, you can call me bill cowher
I get higher then a tower off these flowers
I'm from the dirty like my city needs a shower

[Swateezy - Chorus]
I got my team with me/
Slim got the weed/
We got our Youngins round back so we ain't worried bout beef/
We know about stayin loyal/
If I eat we eat/
Cuz if I ain't got shit atleast I got my team/
(And my team got me)

[Supreme - Verse 2]
That voice in my head said Troy don't do it
Then Swateezy hit me up and said boi get to it
Expose em like the light cause they trash like sewage
So I treat em likes weeds and had them fools uprooted
Rebooted the click
Me crew is so sick
Ya crew is some dicks
It's ironic that you suckin
Whenever you niggas spit
I could resist
To let the world know that use to work with a bitch
Plural a bunch of em
So now it's time to lunch on em.
These niggas keep crashing they ain't even got no stunt In them.
And yes that's why I'm hunting them
I won't say they name though
Cause the way I was brought up you never remember if it's not ya main hoe
Ho and it ain't no coming back and warning if you speak my name you'll see me that's a fact. I'm fort worths own that's why I'm killing every track. 1st and nova gang got nova cain to slow your trap



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