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All About Money Lyrics
Moving Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
We are make money, make money
So don't try nothing funny
Death before dishonor, honor
Rise up the Maybach banner
Zeen, bigga[? ] Maga to the zeen

No so fuck a playa hater
Real Gangsta's make paper
Because we hustle everyday
That's how we get paid
Step up in the club and buy a 100 Rose
Make friend no, fuck a playa hater
Real gangsta's make paper
Because we hustle everyday
That's how we get paid
Run up in the club and buy a dozen rose
Money over everything, money buy you anything
Money make the World spin, money make your girl sing
Money is not everything, but money get ya anything
Remember stash a little ting just in case of anything,

I say it's all about money
It's money over everything
You can see it in my eyes
Than it ain't no surprise that I'm out for the chedder man
I said it's all about money
It's money over everything
I ain't in the streets for nothing
Everyday a nigga hustlin

And I'm out to get that chedder man
It's money over everything

I spend a lot of dollars nigga but I stack more
24-7 nigga call it trap mode
Go hundred spokes spinnin' on the ride
So 357 give a nigga what he ask for
Money over everything even a bitch
I know some homies on the Ave that would kill for a brick
I got some [? ] in a trap buy a hundred a flip
A half a mill in a stash act broke as a bitch
I'm running the strip I get it how I live
Break a pound down or I can get it out a bitch
Robbin' motherfuckers that be so-called ballin'
Young [? ] let me in, bitch I get it all in


Smoking on Bagdads, fleshing on you rasclats
Just came home snatch the roof off the new jag
Future so bright even though I got a buried past
I've been gone for a minute, then I'm still on you niggas ass
Pump your brakes don't nothing move but the cash
Red yellow old school looking like the fucking flash
This ain't a comic book, lives get took here
Money over everything [? ]



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