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Look What I Got On Lyrics
[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Hold up
I done made eighty grand a nigga didn’t even show up
Niggas used to talk about the way that I dress
Now I see them on they videos pants legs rolled up
Wasn’t even thinking bout getting a Rolex
Now I got a Rolex and the whole thing froze up
Now you takin pictures of this shit
Walk around getting bitches off this shit
They just talkin’ bout livin on shit
Kenny Powers really feel like I’m the shit
MC Hammer pants I feel like I’m legit
9/11 not the day but the whip
Taylor Gang they be on they shit
Always on the grind tryna keep my mind on the finer things that I gotta get
That’ll make a nigga rich
A lot of new kicks, lotta new fits
A lot of swag that you see on me that’ll take a niggas bitch
They get dressed, I just get up and go
Grabbin’ all my shit up and roll
Walked in and lit up the store
Took another dab roll another joint now I’m lit up for sho
And my bitches like a pin-up if I like it then I buy em
Most the time this shit for free and they just send it
Major paper and winnin’ and my outfit sick
I’mma walk up in this bitch make a nigga spit up
[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
Can’t get this from the store
This a one of one that mean they don’t make it no more
I be like look what I got on, look at what I got on
I be like look at what I got on, look at what I got on
Ugh, never seen it before
Try spendin’ what I’m spendin’ then you’ll prolly go broke
I be like look at what I got on, look at what I got on
I be like look at what I got on, look at what I got on
[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Ugh, have you ever seen a nigga dress as good as me?
Have you ever seen a nigga go shoppin for the first
Turn right around where the leathers be
Have you ever seen a nigga with some shit?
Wonder where he get it when he tryna find everything in the store
Have you ever seen a nigga lookin’ crazy than a mothafucker but
The price you aint even know
Never seen nobody walk into the store without no money
But when they comin out their hands full of hella bags?
Never seen nobody come into the store get the treatment that I get
I guess that mean I spend hella bands
Have you ever got your suit taylor’d by the man?
Have you ever got your suit flown in by the man?
You don’t get the kind of money you don't understand
You aint never touch a hundred grand
You just say you do, like a lame a do
My Taylor Gang niggas is a fatal crew
We takin’ your paper and rockin the latest
You try to hate but my clique hater proof
My closet will go on for a day or two
Aint one of them niggas who switchin shit up, know I’m stayin true like a player do
So show me my tab and who to pay it too
And fuck you and them niggas you came with too
[Bridge: Wiz Khalifa]
Old hags look at what I got on
Young niggas look at what I got on
Broke niggas look at what I got on
Rich niggas look at what I got on
[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
And I’m floatin’, my windows open
My eyes all low cause I'm off that potent
And they jackin’ my style I got that notion
You can't even get it, you on that slow shit
Pull up in it, they like oh shit
Hella expensive, smokin’ explosive
Where did he get them? nobody knows it
Don't even go there


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